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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 30, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> pelley: tonight, breaking news, the president sends in combat troops. this time he's added u.s. helicopters to a growing mission to try to save iraq. in a major ruling today the supreme court frees more employers from paying for contraceptives. jan crawford on the impact on obamacare. g.m. rolls out a plan for compensating crash victims as it recalls even more cars linked to even more deaths. jeff pegues has details. the battle against the latest wildfire in arizona. carter evans on whether firefighters are any saver one year after 19 hotshots were killed. and spoiler alert, mark phillips tells us the big winner at the world cup is the bookie. >> this is the single biggest betting event in history.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. the president this evening has informed congress that he is doubling the number of u.s. forces headed to iraq. these new troops are being sent in with helicopters and will be equipped for combat. it was just 11 days ago that president obama announced that 300 advisors were headed to baghdad to help iraq fight an extremist insurgency that threatens to tear the country apart. but he insisted at that time that u.s. forces will not be returning to combat. apparently now the mission is growing. major garrett is at the white house for us tonight. major? >> reporter: scott, white house officials insist this is not a signal of mission creep in iraq. they do acknowledge this means more forces with combat capability will be in baghdad but argue their only mission will be to protect u.s. embassy personnel, secure baghdad's
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airport, and if necessary beef up military escorts in the event that the security situation in baghdad worsens to the point where large scale evacuations of u.s. personnel are required. these news forces, we are told, scott, will not participate in any way in the intelligence gathering or battlefield advising that the 300 green barretts the president ordered to iraq are now providing. >> pelley: major, we mentioned 11 days ago the president said we were sending in 300 advisors, now that number is doubling to troops equipped for combat. what has changed in that period of time? >> reporter: well, those 11 days ago, scot, the white house was concerned whether or not baghdad would fall completely to these insurgents. that's no longer the concern, but there is rising concern about the security of u.s. personnel and officials here tell us the president wants to be positioned militarily to protect u.s. personnel in the embassy and if necessary if they are moved anywhere outside baghdad or out of the country entirely because the situation in baghdad has deteriorated rapidly.
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>> pelley: major garrett, thank you very much. the u.s. forces are helping iraq's government battle islamic extremists known as isis who have taken over about a third of iraq. isis has now declared a new islamic state that it says covers part of iraq and syria. it has called on all muslims around the world to pledge their allegiance. this war is largely between the two branches of islam, the sunnis and the shi'a. charlie d'agata is in baghdad. ( gunshots ) >> reporter: iraqi army soldiers joined forces with shiite militia volunteers against a sunni extremists in a fierce gun battle northeast of the capitol. ge soldiers wave the isis flag as proof they had overrun the militants. with the guidance of u.s. military advisors, iraqi forces have now secured a crucial highway about 100 miles away from the capitol. the u.s. also sent 75 hellfire
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missiles, the iraqis had run out. at the moment iraqi forces are launching the missiles from the only airplanes they have, two cessna propeller planes. iraq has repeatedly criticized the u.s. for not providing help fast enough. and so over the weekend the iraqis showed off the delivery of five warplanes from russia. major general saad maan said iraqis couldn't afford to wait for the u.s. to provide planes. >> reporter: is that your biggest problem? >> of course. >> yes. >> reporter: the major general also told us there's been a recent uptick in suspected terrorist activity in the capitol including at rest today of suspects are seven suicide vests, maybe one more reason for beefing up security at the u.s. embassy, the airport and elsewhere. >> pelley: charlie d'agata in
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baghdad for us tonight, charlie, thank you very much. in a major ruling today the supreme court said that some employers cannot be forced to cover birth control in their health plans if that violates their religious beliefs. contraceptive coverage had been mandated for employers under obamacare. the decision was 5-4 with chief justice john roberts providing the swing vote and you may recall he was the swing vote in the ruling two years ago that upheld most of obamacare. recall he was the swing vote in the ruling two years ago that upheld most of obamacare. jan crawford has more about today's decision and what it will mean. >> reporter: the case was a political firestorm pitting women's rights against religious freedom. inside the court the justices also were deeply divided and sharply at odds in their approach to the case. the majority decision by justice samuel alito emphasized religious rights and marked the trst time the court has allowed a for-profit corporation this
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type of religious exemption. it was a victory for family- owned companies like the hobby lobby chain of arts and crafts stores whose owners david and barbara green challenged the law. the court said the health care law clearly imposes a substantial burden on the green's religious beliefs because it requires them to offer coverage for specific forms of birth control like the morning after pill and the i.u.d. which the greens believe facilitate abortion. it is said there are other ways the government could ensure that every woman has cost-free access to the particular contraceptives making the impact on women employed by the companies precisely zero. lori windam is an attorney with the beckett fund which represented the greens. >> what the supreme court said is that families do not give up their religious freedom when they open a family business. >> reporter: but liberal justices led by justice ruth bader ginsburg frame the issue as one of women's rights saying the court discounts the disadvantages to those who do
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not share the corporation owners' religious faith. lucille richards is president of planned parenthood. >> the supreme court is saying that a for-profit company has the same rights as a church, that somehow the particular religious views of a c.e.o. trump the right of the employees of that company to have access to family planning services. >> reporter: now the court insisted that its decision was focused only on closely held businesses whose owners have sincere religious beliefs and not the large publicly traded corporations. but scott, opponents said this decision nonetheless is going to open the door for many other legal challenges. >> pelley: and the census bureau tells us about half of americans work for those companies. jan, thanks very much. for general motors it is a growing crisis. today, just hours after g.m. announced its plan for compensating victims of crashes linked to an ignition defect, the car maker recalled still more cars, in fact 7.5 million
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of them, including chevy malibus and pontiac grand prix, some as old as 1997. here is transportation correspondent jeff pegues. >> reporter: the latest recall is because of another ignition switch problem. the key moves out of the on position shutting the car off and disabling its safety systems. general motors says that resulted in seven crashes, three deaths and eight injuries. the recall comes on the same day g.m. announced it could start paying tens of millions of dollars to victims of crashes related to its first recall which also dealt with faulty ignition switches. >> good morning ladies and gentleman. >> reporter: ken fineburg, the compensation expert hired by g.m. is in charge of approving those claims. those eligible under his plan are driver, passengers or pedestrians involved in an accident due to a faulty ignition switch. feinberg is expecting thousands
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of claims with compensation for fatalities starting at $1 million. >> how high do you think the damage amount will go? >> in the worst-case scenario double digit millions. it's speculative. i would have to see the form, the claim. i would have to see what the claim is saying. >> reporter: could it reach that number? >> sure, sure it could. >> reporter: feinberg says g.m.'s c.e.o. mary barra signed rf on the numbers in a statement referring to the victims and their families, she said, we are taking responsibility for what has happened by treating them with compassion, decency and fairness. >> i think it's a little late for compassion and fairness and decency. >> reporter: dorrel johnsuetut 25-year-old daughter was killed in 2009. the family says they later learned the car she was driving had a faulty ignition switch. >> how do you compensate for the unrealized potential of that person. and my daughter was someone who had an extraordinary amount of potential.
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>> reporter: she settled with g.m. but is now considering whether to file a claim. scott, the center for auto safety said today it may be tough to prove a claim has merit. they expect that most claims filed will be on older crashes that occurred before 2012. evidence of ignition switch failure may not still be available. >> pelley: jeff, thanks very much. we called this a crisis and so far g.m. has issued 54 recalls involving more than 25 million vehicles and defects the miscon. vehicles and defects linked to 16 deaths. we have a list of all the recalled cars on our web site three bodies were discovered today in israel, and appear to be those three israeli teenagers kidnapped a little over two weeks ago. they were actually found in the occupied west bank after a massive search by israeli forces and holly williams has details. >> reporter: the bodies were
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discovered under a pile of rocks near the town of hebron in the west bank. the three teenagers all of them seminary students went missing while hitchhiking from the jewish settlement. one of them naftali frenkel was a dual u.s. citizen whose mother made a plea for their return. i frenkel was a dual u.s. citizen whose mother made a plea for their return. >> we love you, we miss you, please be strong, hold on, be strong. we love you, we want to hug you again. >> reporter: the disappearance sparked one of the biggest security crackdowns in a decade as israeli forces went house-to- house in areas around hebron, and arrested more than 400. that lead to clashes with palestinians which left five dead. israeli officials blame hamas, the militant group that controls
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the gaza strip and named two of its members as suspects. hamas has never claimed responsibility but it did praise the abductions as a heroic act. >> pelley: and holly williams is joining us now from istanbul, holly what happens next? >> reporter: well, scott, the fear is that this will lead inevitably to more bloodletting. israel now looks poised to launch a large scale attack on its gaza strip, the prime minister netanyahu held a meeting of his security cabinet tonight and said hamas is responsible and hamas will pay. but a spokesman for hamas warned today that if israel attacks gaza, it will open the gates of hell on itself. >> pelley: holly, thanks very much. the murder trial of oscar pistorius was back on today after psychiatrists determined that he was not suffering from mental illness the night he shot his girlfriend to death. pistorius ran in the olympics on carbon blades after losing both legs as a child.
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deborah patta is covering the trial in south africa for us. deborah, how did this decision come about? >> reporter: pistorius had undergone a rigorous series of daily tests during his 30 day psychiatric evaluation including ones to determine whether he was faking mental illness. now we saw during the trial he was often emotional and distraught on the witness stand. but today's hearing determined that he could tell right from wrong and further more that he was not suffering any mental illness when he shot his girlfriend on valentine's day last year. now this is bad news for the defense. ngey were hoping that a diagnosis of a mental disorder would assist their case, but it's back to business as usual and with more witnesses. >> pelley: deborah, thank you very much. president obama today lashed out at congressional republicans for failing to pass immigration reform.
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so he said that he will do what he can by executive order, though he gave few specifics. here was the president. >> i don't prefer taking administrative action. i would rather see permanent fixes to the issue we face. certainly that's true on immigration. >> pelley: the president gave few details about what he intends to do but he asked congress for $2 billion to hire more immigration judges and open more detention facilities. one year after 19 hot shots were killed in a wildfire, what's been done to keep it from happening again? a jetliner's emergency slide inflates in mid-air. and the mayor who smoked crack makes an apology when the "cbs evening news" continues. nd. comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection.
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i'm a 210. 340. that number matched the dr.scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts with just the right support to help relieve stress on my feet. i'm a believer. go to for locations and save $10 >> pelley: for the second night in a row severe weather is tearing through the midwest from iowa to michigan. at least one person was killed today in iowa. it was nearly impossible to see when the storm came through deich forecasters described as a massive storm with punishing straight line winds. in casey, iowa, hail tore the siding off this house. the west by contrast remains hot and dry setting the stage for another long season of wildfires. carter evans is following this. >> reporter: the san juan fire in arizona has scorched nearly nine square miles in just four days, one of six wildfires currently burning across the country.
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>> got some really heavy fuel in there. >> reporter: in california alone more than 3,300 wildfires have burned so far this year. how bad could this fire season be? >> it could be extremely bad. >> reporter: chief dale hutchinsen is with calfire, nearly a third of his state is now experiencing exceptional drought conditions. >> you've got extremely dry fuels in both the live vegetation still out there but also a lot of dead material mixed in. >> reporter: nationwide there have been more than 26,000 wildfires just since january, that's compared to 22,000 for all of last year. and 2013 was one of the deadliest years ever for firefighters. one year ago today 19 members of the granite mountain hot shots fire killed when they were overrun by a fast moving wildfire in arizona. recommendations were made including a g.p.s. system to keep track of where hot shots are located. but so far that has not been implemented.
5:49 pm
>> the hot shots were my friends. >> reporter: shawna legarza was a hot shot for nearly 20 years now a director for the u.s. forest service, which is also considering g.p.s. technology for its 85 hot shot crews across the country. >> how can we use the technology that is out there to have a better awareness of having a common operating procedure or picture of what the fire is doing. it's very important to know where our people are at. >> reporter: here in california fire season has now become a year-round event. you see all that dry brush behind me. it's ready to burn and scott, the fires are only expected to get worse. >> pelley: carter, thank you. >> today san francisco's transit agency says it has reached a tentative deal with workers, no terms were announced but the agreement comes four weeks after drivers staged a sick-out that snarled rushout bus and cable car service for three days. the union still has to approve the new contract. and we'll be right back.
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>> pelley: today passengers on united flight 1463 from chicago finally made it to santa ana, california after an emergency landing in wichita, kansas. an evacuation slide deployed inside the cabin midair. passengers took these pictures. the slide filled a galley in the rear of the 737 but the plane never lost pressure and no one was hurt. toronto mayor rob ford was apologetic when he returned to work today after two months of rehab.
5:53 pm
in the past year ford has appeared intoxicated in public and has admitted to smoking crack. here is the mayor today. >> i am ashamed. embarrassed. and humiliated. >> pelley: and he could have added powerless, the city council has taken most of his powers away but he's running for re-election. in the world cup the smart money is on the book-makers. that story is next. book-makers. that story is next. >> pelley: in brazil today team [ brian ] in a race,
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quality managers cutting th some slack. next weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special sponsored 7-day gra >> pelley: in brazil today team usa practiced for its next world cup match coming tomorrow against belgium. mark phillips tells us it could be one for the books and for the bookies. >> jones, oh, yes! >> reporter: the unlikely run of the u.s. soccer team at the world cup hasn't just been welcomed by fans at home. a lot of people are rooting for the u.s., not least the world's book-makers who see american fans as a rich untapped market. >> this is the single biggest betting event in history. >> reporter: the world cup is a bookie bonanza according to jon ivan-duke of britain's william hill book-makers.
5:57 pm
>> $200 million pounds will be turned over at this world cup. >> pelley: that is pushing 350 million dollars and that's without the u.s. where betting is only legal in a few states. >> if those laws were to be relaxed across the states. >> reporter: you're ready. >> then we're ready and raring to go, really. >> reporter: and in a statistics-mad country like the u.s. the bookies think their newest fad has america written all over it. >> it's all about the in-play. it's all about the next goal, the number of calls, the match goals. >> reporter: nowadays the betting doesn't stop when the game starts. one book-maker even offered odds on whether uruguay luis suarez would bite someone and paid up when he did. by the way the biggest bet placed on the world cup so far, from an american. >> this particular customer put about $320,000 on argentina to beat iran. >> reporter: which they only did
5:58 pm
on the last minute goal. >> going for-- goal! >> reporter: there is no such thing as a sure thing? >> never as in betting. >> reporter: and in case you are wondering, the current odds for the u.s. to win the world cup 80-1. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs
5:59 pm
your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. now at 6:00, new details on a 50-acre fire in the south bay. two firefighters were injured and the flames and thick smoke forced several homes to be evacuated. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. kpix 5's brian webb says quick response helped keep the flames in check. brian. >> reporter: the past hour, crews looks like they have put out most of the hot spots except for one. you see back there on the side of the hill one of those hot spots still looks like it's giving them a few headaches. now let's look at a view from chopper 5 a little while ago. flames shooting 20 feet into the air from this fire and smoke coming out of the hillside looking more like a volcano earlier today. at this point, it looks like crews are really trying to put the finishing touches on this
6:00 pm
fast-moving fire, that if you live up there on the hill was way too close to homes. firefighters brought out the big guns, choppers and air tankers, aattacking the flames from the air, on the ground armed with only a garden hose it was every homeowner for himself. two south san jose neighborhoods were evacuated when the flames came within a few hundred yards. but the winds drove the fire up and away from people and property. as close as it was, it's right in front of her house. >> reporter: firefighters battled the flames and dry conditions fighting an uphill battle and fighting off heat exhaustion on the hottest day this year. >> taking a toll on the firefighters hiking up the big hill. so we are trying to get as many support units here as possible. >> reporter: thanks to the strong response, no homes were burned. south san jose dodges another bullet. >> a little worried


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